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Nympha Palermo - Reuse Guidelines

These cartoons are copyrighted works, and all commercial rights are reserved. However, we do allow these to be posted on non-commercial web sites, such as personal blogs and social media sites.

Here's a short list of "do" and "don't" items.
• You can publish individual cartoons on a non-commercial web site, such as a personal blog or social media site. Please save a local image of the cartoon, and don't "hotlink" the image from this site. Also, please provide a link to this website.

• You can't publish a compilation of cartoons, even if it's on a non-commercial web site.

• If a particular item catches your fancy, you can create a coffee mug, mouse pad, poster, etc., for your own personal use.

• Permission to create such items does not apply to the creation of multiple items, as for hand-outs at an event. If you would like to do this, please use the contact form to describe the use. Permission is often granted without charge for small events.

• You can't use images from this web site to make articles for sale, as at a flea market.

• You can't use images from this web site in a book without permission.

• Questions about reuse? Use the contact form to ask.

Non-commercial use of these cartoons is encouraged. See the reuse guidelines.

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